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  1. 2018 First Annual Heroes Cup Held At Daytona Stadium
  2. DME Hires Former Pro Soccer Player, Paul Crichton as Director of Soccer

Sports Performance Programs

The Department of Sports Medicine and Human Performance will provide athletes with the tools and resources to excel in their respective sports while enhancing their overall health and wellness. This plan will utilize an integrated, multi-faceted approach to target all areas of the athlete’s performance needs including, but not limited to pre-participation physicals including orthopedic screens, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, sports nutrition, and strength and conditioning.

Prevent Injuries

DME is committed to injury prevention for all athletes. In our injury prevention package, we will work with your athlete to promote safe and effective movement patterns. Your athlete will be assessed by a Certified Athletic Trainer for movement and strength imbalances as well as flexibility issues. Once identified, the athlete will be given a personal program, designed just for them to perform prior to strength and conditioning sessions, three times each week. This program also includes jump training and ACL prevention exercises.

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This package is offered to refine your athletic performance.  Included in this package is an assessment by a Certified Athletic Trainer to identify movement patterns and corrective exercises to address any deficiencies found.  In addition, body composition and nutrition counseling is offered thru a Board-Certified Sports Dietician.  Assessment takes place prior to training and again at the end of the season.  Athlete will perform corrective exercises 4 times per week with ATC.

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The enhance package addresses all components of sport: injury prevention, peak performance, nutrition counseling and recovery. The athlete has an initial assessment, corrective exercises three times a week to address movement and strength imbalances (updated monthly), manual therapy as necessary (SASTM – Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Massage), management of training schedule with Strength and Conditioning and Sport Coach, as well as recovery sessions twice each week (Normatec, Gameready, Compex). Athlete will have access to Sport Science lab at UCF for additional testing (Neurotracker, dynavision, power analysis, lactate measures).

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Our rehab package allows you to recover from an injury while remaining in your sport setting. This package also allows appropriate sport specific training and rehab techniques with a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) from initial injury through return to sport training. The ATC at DME will work closely with our physician during your therapy for any needs that should arise, including follow up care.

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Athletic Repair & Recovery

Normatec & Hydromassage.

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